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Our Mission Is To Simplify Scientific Communication

We believe there is value in making scientific innovation accessible.

Kynplex makes it easier to follow exciting updates in different scientific fields, including new research, events, initiatives and resources

Science Needs an Online Community

Exciting research is happening all around the world, but it is hard to consolidate. Scientific information is scattered across thousands of publications, press releases and individual websites. Valuable connections and collaborative opportunities are lost, slowing the pace of innovation.

We aim to change that.

Why Kynplex

We founded Kynplex at Harvard University when we realized that even as researchers, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of new scientific advances. We wanted to create an easier way to learn about research and initiatives that could lead to impactful change. We are grateful for the support of the Thiel Foundation and Harvard Innovation Lab in this endeavor.

Grace Xiao
Harvard University
Raul Jordan
Harvard University
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Connecting Science

Kynplex is an online community that makes it easy for anyone to stay up to date on a wide range of scientific interests- all in one place