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Making it Easier Than Ever to Stay
Updated on Science

Our Mission Is To Simplify Scientific Communication

We believe there is value in making scientific innovation accessible.

Instead of browsing countless publications, newsletters and websites, Kynplex helps keep track of your scientific interests in a single place.

Science Needs an Online Community

Exciting research is happening all around the world, but it is hard to consolidate. Scientific information is scattered across thousands of publications, press releases and individual websites. Valuable connections and collaborative opportunities are lost, slowing the pace of innovation.

We aim to change that.

Our Team

Committed to transforming Kynplex into the premier
online community for science

Alexander Jones
Business Associate
Grace Xiao
Head of Business
Harvard University
Raul Jordan
Head of Tech
Harvard University
Trey Granderson
Front-End Developer

Our Stellar Advisors

Global experts from academia and industry

Frank Borriello,
M.D. Ph.D.
Physician Scientist
Biopharma Business
Lee Nadler, M.D.
Director of Harvard
Dean at Harvard Medical
Alfred Sandrock,
M.D. Ph.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Alexander Wissner-Gross,
Inventor, Scientist,